Product List 2015

Now you can download the complete product list for 2015

Business Proposals

Extracta S.n.c. offers its customers a wide range of commercial proposals in terms of both products and services.

Rental Atomizer

Extracta S.n.c. proposes, at its headquarters, a service of renting atomization Size 3 (Set. pilot / small production), able to meet every need of tests or small productions and ensure customer exclusive availability of the plant, maximum reliability and certainty in programming.


Extracta offers its costumers a wide range of services dedicated




Extracta is constantly looking for innovative solutions and new raw materials, with constant references to the scientific literature in the industry and to test new methods. In this section you can find technical material and information on our productions.




Extracta offers its availability to provide every customer with respect to each product and maximum transparency in terms of: in such environments, with such materials, with which method, with which checks the product purchased is realized.